About us

The Dover-Sherborn Gridiron Club is a 501(c)3, non-profit, volunteer group that supports the D-S Raider Football program at all levels: elementary-, middle-, and high- school. Our mission is to create and support an environment that lays the foundation for our players’ academic success. We help build self-esteem and self-discipline, promote a positive image to our community, and instill and practice cooperation and respect for others.

Our goal is to strive for our players’ ¬†academic and athletic excellence by promoting team unity and sportsmanship.

The Gridiron Club raises money to support our student-athletes and coaches at the elementary-, middle-, and high- school levels.  Thus, the GridIron Club supports the football program in several ways:

  • By helping it meet its operational needs, such as providing compensation for coaches, scouts, and film software.
  • By helping it meet its capital needs, including equipment, in areas that are not met by the D-S school athletic budget or by the DS Boosters.
  • By providing football-specific publications, awards, and food that enhance the players’ experience and build team spirit.
  • By advocating for the football program with the school administration & wider community.
  • By providing whatever else the Gridiron Club feels is beneficial for the football program as needs arise.

The Dover-Sherborn Gridiron Club operates in cooperation with, and complimentary to, the Dover- Sherborn Boosters (who help all D-S HS sports). We are designed not to overlap with, or detract from, the efforts of the Boosters.

George Webb, President
Mike Rosbottom, Treasurer

Snail Mail Address:

Dover-Sherborn GridIron Club
P.O. Box 1088
Sherborn, MA, 01770