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by DS Gridiron Club

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ALSO: helps locate gyms on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket.

D-S Football Non – Gym Workout: 2013
• This workout doesn’t need a gym, equipment, ride, $, or adult supervision.
• All you need is: a bedroom, a book-bag and/or suitcase, some time, & effort!
• You can do this workout if you are in 8th-grade or older.
• Rest for a day before doing the workout again.

1. Jumping Jacks for 30 seconds
2. 10 Push-ups. (Put your knees on the floor/ground if needed.)
3. 10 Forward Lunges
4. 10 Sit-ups
5. Repeat #1-4, but for #3, do 10 Reverse Lunges.


1. 10 Close-grip push-ups
2. 10 Forward lunges
3. 20 1-arm bent-over rows. (10 reps per arm. Use bookbag.)
4. 10 Reverse lunges
5. 10 Staggered push-ups: 5 w/R hand high. L hand low. Switch@5
6. 15 “Supermen”: Five 4-limb, five 2-limb, & five 6-point 2-limb.
7. 10 “Dunks”. (Put your heels on a chair & palms on a bed. Lower yourself. Do it slowly with a full range of motion.)
8. 20 Step-ups on a chair/bed. (Alternate R & L leg. 10 each leg.)
9. 10 Inverted push-ups (Toes on chair/bed. Hands on the floor.)
or regular push-ups if you can’t do inverted ones.
10. 10 Split-squat lunges. (5 L leg forward. 5 R leg forward.)
11. 10 Diagonal Bag Raises.
12. 10 Clap push-ups (or reg. push-ups if needed)
13. 10 Lunge, hammer-press, and curls.
14. 20 “Russian Twists”.
15. 10 Romanian Dead Lifts. (Hold your bag out in front.)
16. Repeat #1-15 two more times for a total of 3 sets.

17. Conditioner:
a. Do a “wall sit” for 1 minute. Rest for a minute. Repeat 2x.
b. Jump rope: (A) 2-minute warm-up, (B) On L leg for 1 min. (C) On R leg for 1 min. (D) 2 mins backwards, (E) 2 mins double-jumps, (F) 2 mins. as fast as possible, (G) 2 mins. Cross/X.

Drink water/choc. milk. Eat nutritious food within 1 hour of exercise.

Meet Coach Joey Schotland

by DS Gridiron Club